Sita Soren: The Rebel Bahu Of Jharkhand’s First Family

The news of Sita Soren's intention to join the BJP sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Jharkhand. Many were surprised by her decision, as she had been a staunch member of the JMM for years.

Sita Soren: The Rebel Bahu Of Jharkhand's First Family - SurgeZirc India
Sita Soren: The Rebel Bahu Of Jharkhand's First Family.

After joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Sita Soren became a prominent figure in Jharkhand politics. Her decision to switch sides sent shockwaves through the political landscape, as she was not only a member of the JMM but also a part of the Soren family, which held significant influence in the state.

With her entry into the BJP, Sita Soren brought with her a loyal following of supporters who believed in her leadership and vision. She quickly rose through the ranks of the party, gaining recognition for her charisma and determination. As a rebel bahu (daughter-in-law) of the Jharkhand First Family, her move to the BJP was seen as a bold and daring step.

However, Sita Soren’s decision to join the BJP was not without controversy. Many questioned her motives and accused her of betraying her family and the party that had nurtured her political career. Some speculated that she had been lured by the promises of power and position within the BJP.

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Despite the criticism, Sita Soren remained steadfast in her decision. She believed that the BJP offered her a platform to bring about real change in Jharkhand, a state plagued by poverty, corruption, and underdevelopment. She saw herself as a voice for the marginalized and a champion of their rights.

Since joining the BJP, Sita Soren has been actively involved in the party’s campaigns and initiatives. She has traveled extensively across Jharkhand, addressing public rallies and engaging with the people. Her speeches resonate with the masses, as she speaks passionately about the issues that affect their daily lives.

As a rebel bahu of the Jharkhand First Family, Sita Soren has become a symbol of defiance and courage. Her decision to break away from the party and join the BJP has not only changed the political dynamics in Jharkhand but has also inspired others to question the status quo and stand up for what they believe in.

As Sita Soren’s dissatisfaction and dissent continued to grow, she became more vocal about her concerns regarding the exploitation of land and forests in Jharkhand. She believed that the JMM government was enabling this exploitation and felt a deep sense of responsibility to protect the natural resources of her home state.

With her extensive experience in the party and her close connection to the Soren political legacy, Sita saw herself as the natural successor to her husband and father-in-law’s political influence. Despite Shibu Soren being the party chief, it was Durga Soren who held the top spot in the JMM until his untimely death.

This dynamic within the party often led to a disregard for Shibu Soren’s authority and the pursuit of individual agendas. Not only did Sita Soren face sidelining within the JMM, but her daughters, Rajshree and Jayshree, also experienced their fair share of dissent.

In an act of defiance, they formed an outfit called the “Durga Soren Sena” in 2021. This organization aimed to fight against corruption, displacement, and plunder in Jharkhand, aligning with the values and concerns voiced by their mother.

The decision of Rajshree and Jayshree to create their own platform was a significant move, considering that the JMM already had its own students’ organization and youth wing. By establishing the Durga Soren Sena, they sought to create an alternative power center in the Santhal Pargana region of Jharkhand, which has traditionally been a stronghold of the JMM.

Interestingly, despite the clear intention of harnessing the Soren legacy and addressing the concerns of the people, the JMM remained conspicuously silent on Sita Soren, her daughters, and their outfit. This silence spoke volumes about the internal dynamics and power struggles within the party, leaving many to question their commitment to the values they claimed to uphold.

As Sita Soren and her daughters continued their journey of dissatisfaction and dissent, they gained support from 12 “rebel” JMM members who had been expelled for “anti-party activities.” This influx of new members further solidified the Durga Soren Sena’s position as a force to be reckoned with in Jharkhand politics.

With each passing day, Sita Soren and her daughters grew bolder in their pursuit of justice and accountability.

They were determined to challenge the status quo and bring about real change in the state. The journey of dissatisfaction and dissent had only just begun, and the Soren family was prepared to face whatever obstacles lay ahead in their quest for a better Jharkhand.

In August 2022, Jharkhand witnessed intense political drama, and the ruling JMM government faced numerous challenges. Chief Minister Hemant Soren faced attacks from the opposition and scrutiny from central agencies. Months earlier, Sita Soren, as a sitting JMM MLA, met Governor Ramesh Bais to complain about illegal mining and corruption in the state.

She accused the government of destroying the vision of Shibu Soren and her husband, emphasizing the importance of water, forest, and land. Sita Soren’s dissatisfaction with the government became evident after Hemant Soren’s arrest in January. During this time, his wife Kalpana was projected as his successor, further fueling Sita Soren’s discontent.

Despite being a three-time MLA and having served in the Rajya Sabha, Sita Soren was excluded from the cabinet. It was in this context that sources revealed her intention to join the BJP in New Delhi, less than two months after her exclusion.

The news of Sita Soren’s intention to join the BJP sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Jharkhand. Many were surprised by her decision, as she had been a staunch member of the JMM for years.

However, it seemed that her frustration with the current government had reached its tipping point, and she believed that aligning herself with the BJP would give her a better platform to voice her concerns and fight against the alleged corruption and illegal activities in the state.

As news of her potential defection spread, both the JMM and the BJP were quick to react. The JMM leadership expressed their disappointment and accused Sita Soren of betraying the party and its values. They highlighted her previous statements about the importance of the JMM’s ideology and questioned her sudden change of heart.

On the other hand, the BJP welcomed Sita Soren with open arms, seeing her as a valuable addition to their ranks. They praised her courage to stand up against the ruling government and promised to support her in her fight against corruption. The BJP leaders also saw this as an opportunity to weaken the JMM’s hold on power in the state and gain more influence.

As the political drama unfolded, Sita Soren remained firm in her decision to join the BJP. She held multiple press conferences, where she passionately spoke about the issues plaguing Jharkhand and her determination to bring about change. She accused the JMM of neglecting the needs of the people and prioritizing their own interests.

While some questioned Sita Soren’s motives and accused her of opportunism, others saw her as a brave voice of opposition, willing to take a stand against the status quo. Her decision to join the BJP highlighted the growing discontent within the JMM and raised questions about the effectiveness of the current government in addressing the concerns of the people.

Sita Soren’s decision to join the BJP comes at a crucial time, with the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the Jharkhand Assembly polls on the horizon. Her move signifies a significant shift in her political allegiance and may have far-reaching implications for the JMM and the Soren family.


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