‘The Bachelorette’ The Endings To Rachel And Gabby’s Journeys Revealed

The Bachelorette The Endings To Rachel And Gabby’s Journeys Revealed - SurgeZirc India
‘The Bachelorette’ The Endings To Rachel And Gabby’s Journeys Revealed.

Part two of The Bachelorette’s season 19 finale aired on September 20, featuring footage from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s final days in Mexico in May, as well as live, in-studio updates on where they are now.

Gabby and Rachel each have only one guy left, Erich Schwer and Tino Franco, respectively when the episode begins.

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The show begins in-studio, with host Jesse Palmer discussing some scandals that have recently surfaced involving Erich and Jesse. He mentions Tino’s “indiscretions,” as well as Erich’s “damning messages” to an ex just days before leaving to film in March.

However, a lot must happen before those issues can be addressed. The previously taped episode begins with a conversation between Gabby and Erich, in which he begins to doubt whether he’s ready to propose after only a few weeks, despite knowing he’s in love with Gabby.

Gabby is frustrated with the conversation, knowing she wants a proposal, but she returns to work things out. Erich is adamant that he wants the relationship to succeed and encourages Gabby to keep trying with him. They end the night on good terms, and Gabby knows she loves Erich and longs to be with him.

Meanwhile, Rachel informs Tino that he is the only man she has left after her divorce from Aven Jones. Tino confirms that he and Rachel were still on the same page in terms of an engagement and a future together. Rachel is more confident in her relationship with Tino than she has ever been.

‘The Bachelorette’ The Endings To Rachel And Gabby’s Journeys Revealed - SurgeZirc India
Gabby and Erich on one of their dates.

Rachel is heading to the final rose ceremony, ready to present Tino with her final rose. Tino makes a romantic speech before proposing, and Rachel accepts his emerald cut sparkler. As they celebrate their engagement in Mexico, she describes it as the “happiest moment” of her life.

Things have fallen apart for Rachel and Tino in real-time, however. In After the Final Rose, she tells Jesse that they had broken up in the months since filming because she discovered he had cheated on her.

Tino confesses to Rachel in earlier footage that he kissed another girl. Rachel admitted that she and Tino were having problems after The Bachelorette premiered, but they never broke up or ended their engagement.

Obviously, she is devastated to learn of his transgression. Tino begs Rachel to work things out after they have a heated argument. She is, however, “done,” and returns the ring to him. Back in the studio, Rachel admits she has feelings “for” Tino but is no longer in love with him.

‘The Bachelorette’ The Endings To Rachel And Gabby’s Journeys Revealed - SurgeZirc India
Rachel and Tino during a group date.

Then she and Tino meet for the first time since Rachel called off the engagement. Rachel concludes the conversation by slamming Tino for doing something “inexcusable.” She can finally smile again when one of her former contestants, Aven Jones, returns to the stage and invites her to join him. She gladly accepts and departs the show with Aven, hoping to revisit their relationship.

The action then returns to Mexico for the conclusion of Gabby’s journey. They happily celebrate their engagement after Erich proposes with an oval-shaped ring. Jesse, however, admits in-studio that “not everything has been rosy” between the two in the months since. When Erich enters the stage, the two are still happily engaged, but they have a lot to talk about.

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Erich speaks out for the first time about his leaked text messages to an ex. According to the texts, Erich stated that he was only participating in The Bachelorette for the sake of his career. In another message, he stated that the show was not “real.”

Erich accepted responsibility for the messages and explained that his feelings about the show changed the moment he met Gabby. He also admits that he used the show to get out of a relationship with his ex, with whom he saw no future. Gabby expresses her love for Erich, and they confirm their relationship status.



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