Twitter Begins Early Access Signups For Company Verification

To be considered for the waitlist, organizations must submit their names, Twitter usernames, and websites.

According to Elon Musk, Twitter will finally remove the legacy blue check marks on April 20.
Twitter Begins Early Access Signups For Company Verification.

Twitter is now accepting signups for those who want to be among the first to use the organization verification program. It was previously known as Blue for Business, the company said in its announcement, along with a link to the sign-up form.

To be considered for the waitlist, organizations must submit their names, Twitter usernames, and websites.

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They must also state their size and the anticipated number of affiliated accounts. Musk previously announced that the website will roll out a feature that will allow organizations to identify accounts that are actually associated with them.

His announcement followed the rather disastrous launch of Twitter’s paid verification system, which resulted in a slew of verified trolls impersonating businesses, celebrities, and other high-profile figures.

This upcoming feature is intended to assist in addressing the issue and ensuring that users claiming to be members of a specific organization are who they claim to be.

Musk also stated at the time that the website will feature checkmarks in various colors, including gold for businesses, grey for government, and blue for individuals. This will make it difficult for random users to pose as a company or a government agency.

Blue’s initial rollout was eventually halted due to an influx of impersonators, and it was relaunched in December with a $11-per-month price tag.

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Twitter will publish its “tweet recommendation code” and will make a tweet and account status visible “no later than next month,” Musk has revealed, as well. Presumably, that means users will know if they’ve been shadowbanned and their tweets aren’t showing up for other people.

“Transparency builds trust,” he added. In addition, he announced that the website is moving the bookmark button to the tweet details page and is fixing its image auto-cropping feature next week.

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